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dirty little whirlwind


i better look this good dead

(featuring jellyfish)

mind goes on holiday



RIP -hideyholes

Anddd we knowwww

you had to be there- 2

Yes, thats SUPA-G, the original white bread super hero, featuring Gizi Tassanyi, who you can find …here

Yes it’s a blue onezie and fake beard, what of it?
Yes sometimes I wake up and wonder how I passed some units by submitting a clear and definitive joke.
And Yes, its a visit to gertrude contempory art space, with Ash Dawson and Sarah Galletta, who you can find… here

you had to be there-1


Has anyone else noticed how freeing it is not be in the collage enviroment? i forgot how fun it can be to fuck with yr crappy files. i forgot how liberating it is to bleed into yr blacks.