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been a while, crocodile

Yes, yes i know. But what can ya do,  i’ve been movin’ house…twice infact!

More stuff coming soon.

oh, ps, the shifting tides show went all fine and dandy. It was appart of the herring Island Summer Arts festival.

ph, pss, I most deffinatly have work appart of Northern Exposure at the Northcote Town Hall. It’s appart of the Northcote Visual Arts showcase, which is fun. There is also an artisan market, as well as ‘highviews’ which is where you can walk along the main street viewing art on display in local shopfronts. I also belive there is free wine. Winner! More details to come

ph, psss, here is the link to the Northern Exposure website, although its from last year. I’m just assuming it will be updated soon….