with compliments

been a while, crocodile

Yes, yes i know. But what can ya do,  i’ve been movin’ house…twice infact!

More stuff coming soon.

oh, ps, the shifting tides show went all fine and dandy. It was appart of the herring Island Summer Arts festival.

ph, pss, I most deffinatly have work appart of Northern Exposure at the Northcote Town Hall. It’s appart of the Northcote Visual Arts showcase, which is fun. There is also an artisan market, as well as ‘highviews’ which is where you can walk along the main street viewing art on display in local shopfronts. I also belive there is free wine. Winner! More details to come

ph, psss, here is the link to the Northern Exposure website, although its from last year. I’m just assuming it will be updated soon….

New page!

New addition to el blog, a place to view some of my exhibited work.

ch-ch-check it out!


spare time

If you click on it, it aint so fuzzzz’d.

the next big thing

Each pill shot in single images, duplicated, and put together..

…..Its a work in progress from half a year ago, off shoots from simular ideas will be coming soon. 

For some reason it makes me think of this song, not really the clip, though its kinda funny…


got that shim-sham-shimmy

I got really bored one day, so I decided to do something mildly constructive and made this little skully fellow. Technically, It has no use yet… which leads me to question my use of constructive…. but i’ve always wanted to make an album cover for something. Maybe this can be a rough draft for that. Problem solvedddd.

Oh Collage, how I miss thee… The story behind this little fire cracker begins in the computer labs, where all good stories start. I think I was just waitin’ around for someone, when young Eric and one of his many amigos wander in. They were there to design an ad for a Burlesque night his amigos was helping put together. Eric asked me to just wack something up for him. So, I did. I think he ultered a few details for what they used, maybe made it less pink, and added the event info and what not, but yeahhhh. Burlesquie…

This flier was for one of our Art Major fundraising nights, raising money for our gallery show that was on in december. It was fun to make, once again i just did it when I was all bored and stuff.


This is Addie, my new favorite neice.

She’s pretty awesome.

When she’s old enough we shall finger paint like no one has ever finger painted before.

Hell yes.

how to: destroy yr landscapes, bleach yr horizon

fellas, can i take it to the bridge?